Church Stage Lights Explained

Recently I saw an arena show of a famous country star, and I couldn’t see one incandescent light in the set. I couldn’t be too sure, but when I entered the dimmer area on the backstage, I pointed out that there were a few traditional lights and a tiny dimmer bar. Perhaps less dimming than most of this website’s church readers have in their houses, for a wide arena rig to back a major country singer. Just a few years ago we were still operating in the 100s of dimmers for this artist for big lighting systems.

This could lead you to ask, “Is this the end of traditional dimming and lighting?”

You have definitely seen the LED lighting fixtures ads all over the town. $100 in 16 million colour pars that don’t need a dimmer. If you’re looking to buy, the end of dimmers seems to be here but is it?

Despite all the hype created by certain advertisers, the end is not here for dimmers, at least not yet! The system is still modern, and has not yet been mastered. While these fixtures can look great out of the package, this can quickly change. Six months down the road, maybe it’s not really what you’ve been led to believe, when LED’s might start to fade or alter tints.You can get additional information at church stage lights.

So is LED’s taking over the world and dimmers vanishing?

Yeah, but still not. I spoke above about the marketing hype that leads people to believe that they can substitute their traditional lighting with LED’s at no expense above the cost of new conventional lighting and dimming. Although there is no cheap substitute for traditional flesh tone light with LED’s yet, the age is coming soon. The main reasons for that are weak CRI, or index of colour rendering, and choppy dimming. In our view, inexpensive LED lamps just don’t look nice enough yet. However, a few professional stage lighting companies are coming out in the $1000 price range with LED fixtures which defy the odds and are good enough for the picture.

That’s where life gets truly fun. If you’re reading this a couple years after 2013, you ‘re actually going to chuckle that these fixtures are going to be accessible for a couple hundred dollars only. The technological curve is so fast moving, and very exciting!

Meanwhile, with LED’s, you can still change all of your coloured lighting, and it is far more cost-effective in the long run. This is because LED lighting is a combination of complementary colours. True colours are produced by just turning the light on a little, instead of using a spray and raising the light on full just to get it to break through a wash and new products have a great output of colour. This saves the constant cost of replacing gel, as well as the power generated by the light and the sun. What’s more, your performers would enjoy heat reduction on your floor!